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Get the results you want, with the care you deserve!

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Get the results you want, with the care you deserve!

Elite Physical Therapy Testimonials

Our outstanding results make us the first choice for physical therapy in Glendale, AZ.

Back pain

Sports Injuries

Neck Pain

Elite Chiropractic and Wellness is a professional and knowledgeable practice. Dr. Brechler has helped me so much with my neck pain. Elite Physical Therapy has helped me strengthen and prevent injuries. You can tell they deeply care for their patients and are different from other practices. I have recommended their practice to a lot of my co-workers that work many long hours and are in pain.

~ Todd W

Hip & Leg Pain

My hip problem started in 1995 when I was pouring concrete. Over the last 20 years it would flare up 4 times a year and for a week I had trouble walking. Then in September of 2013 it progressed to hurting every day where walking became a struggle. At that point I was talking to a golf buddy of mine and telling him about my injury. He told me he had just went to Elite to fix a problem he had.

At that point I made an appointment and met Craig for a consultation. After evaluating me he told me he could help me and went over a detailed plan of what he was going to do over the next 6 weeks he would say when the treatment was done I was at 70% back to normal.

Three month later I was in the men’s locker room and saw a flier from elite that talked about a treatment called Graston that is able to fix scar tissue, I talked to Craig again and he said the treatment might work for me. I had 2 treatments done and I will admit the procedure was quite painful with a lot of swelling.

To end the story 3 days later I had 0 pain in my hip and back to 100% pain free.

~Kenny H

I came to Elite Physical Therapy to treat a calf muscle which had been giving me problems for years. It had progressed to the point that I would often have a stabbing pain in my calf when I tried to run, which was wreaking havoc on my ability to get the type and quantity of exercise that I wanted. Craig started me on a program of stretching and strengthening exercises for my lower legs, in combination with muscle manipulation using the Graston Technique. The problem went away after several weeks of treatment, and now I can lace up my running shoes without wondering if my calf is going to behave badly.

I whole-heartedly recommend Elite Physical Therapy!

~ Tony S

In late July 201.4, I had surgery on my right hip for a condition known as "FAl" (FAl = Femoral Acetabular impingement) or "cam Type Hip impingement”. Prior to realizing that physical therapy was offered at Arrowhead Country Club, l visited another local therapist who was unfamiliar with my condition and recovery protocol. Fortunately, my decision to keep searching led me to Elite Physical Therapy and Wellness. During my first visit, I met with Craig Brechler, P.T. who was able to thoroughly describe my condition and the fundamental source of my issues. He was also already familiar with my prescribed recovery protocol which was a huge relief considering that my procedure is relativity uncommon.

In less than a month of working with Craig, I have quickly progressed and am now completely independent and walking without crutches. I have already achieved milestones well beyond my own previous expectations and now positively look forward to continued progress.

I genuinely believe that you cannot find the sincerity, dedication, and inspiration that all of the staff at Elite Physical Therapy and Wellness has given me.

~ Kevin McGee

Back Pain

I want to thank the Elite team and Dr. Brechler especially for helping me to get back to feeling better than I have in a very long time.

What impressed me the most was at the very start, she took the time to get to know me by first taking x-rays to find out what was wrong with my body. After that she spent quality time going over my x-rays to show me where the problems were so that I understood.

Thanks for giving me hope that I don't have to go through the pain and that there is relief.

~ Dianne F

Shoulder & Arm Pain

I developed tennis elbow, as I have a number of times in the past. I had to serve side arm and considered giving up the game for a while. Craig worked on my arm for about a month, and I was able to resume normal play. (Unfortunately he didn’t improve my game. I need to speak with him about that one.) Usually my tennis elbow lasts up to a year with quite a bit of pain and a long layoff. Amazing! Kudos to Craig!

Also, I have been under the care of Marcella for the better part of a year for lower back & hip movement and pain. The pain is much less & the movement is much less constricted. I have more agility and consequently am more active. This is a must for my age.

I cannot state enough the atmosphere at Elite Wellness makes you want to return. Craig, Marcella and Julie function together so well. They are helpful, pleasant and professional. It’s a happy place.

~ Jeanne S

I'm a Tennis Pro and injured my back on the court at work. I knew something was wrong the instant it happened; it wasn't the usual back spasms people get. After going through all the normal insurance procedures like going to my primary and then to Midwestern’s Specialty Osteopath, I was left with a diagnosis (Torn Disk and Bulging Disks) and doctor recommendation to get an epidural. With my pain, I went from appointment to appointment with lists of questions such as: how can I strengthen, should I see a Physical Therapist, what are my exercise limitations and when can I work? On top of that, I had a special anniversary trip to Hawaii planned, which meant 6 hours of sitting on a plane in excruciating pain. I was so frustrated with the lack of care and treatment plan.

I took my results to Elite Chiropractic and Wellness. Dr. Brechler thoroughly explained my injury on a model, how it will relate to my everyday life and her treatment recommendations. She saw me every day for the first few weeks and then slowly spaced the appointments apart. She was very detailed in what movements I should avoid and exercises to do or to avoid. I’m so happy to say that within a few weeks the pain was dramatically better! Being a stubborn athlete, I went against her recommendation and I tried to run too soon, sure enough major pain and spasms returned. I then saw Craig Brechler who gave me the strengthening exercises to keep my low back strong. I’m proud to say, I never got an epidural or major drugs. I had an amazing anniversary trip to Hawaii and the plane ride was so easy. I go to exercise classes, hike and work many hours teaching tennis. As long as I follow the exercise plan and see Dr. Brechler every week - I am pain free. I will forever be grateful to Elite’s care and knowledge. They both listen and truly want to help each and every patient. I will recommend them to everyone..

~ Caroline W