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Get the results you want, with the care you deserve!

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Get the results you want, with the care you deserve!

About Elite Physical Therapy and Wellness, Glendale AZ

With many choices available for your physical therapy needs we understand it can be intimidating and overwhelming trying to choose the best physical therapy clinic for your personal condition. Here are a few reasons you should choose Elite Physical Therapy and Wellness to achieve optimal health and wellbeing:

  • Our warm, professional and inviting clinic and staff are a cut above the rest
  • We invest time and individualized care in your needs and want to see you heal and grow
  • Craig Brechler PT is incredibly skilled with a strong background in manual therapy and healing of patients
  • Our staff maintain constant communication with your physician about your condition and the progress you’ve achieved throughout your rehabilitation
  • Our office is conveniently located in Glendale (lower floor of the Sports Club at Arrowhead Country Club)
  • We are an easy drive (101 exit 75th Avenue) from Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, Phoenix and Glendale -- with free parking

Personalized physical, occupational, hand therapies

Elite Physical Therapy and Wellness is the leader in providing personalized therapy throughout the Northwest Valley. We are committed to providing you the highest quality physical therapy services, as well as individualized fitness and wellness programs for optimum recovery. If you are in pain, you have made a significant step towards getting better by visiting our website! We are here to help you achieve your optimal health and mobility.

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the restoration of function and independence in our patients by providing individualized professional care to result in the optimal recovery they not only need, but are rightfully entitled to. It is our job to help you play hard again, without pain. Whether you are an athlete who needs to return to your sport or just want to go back to the active Arizona lifestyle, Craig Brechler PT can be the most important key you have been missing in life. Let us show you how our hands-on, one-on-one physical therapy helps give you a much faster and extremely effective recovery from any pain you may be suffering from.

Elite Physical Therapy and Wellness is a therapist owned clinic and our mission is to provide one-on-one physical therapy care to our suffering patients by using a clinically-oriented team approach. Our focus is on solving the problem geared toward the patient’s particular dysfunction and needs, meanwhile upholding the ethical and professional standards established by the American Physical Therapy Association.

Wellness and prevention of disease

The doctors and staff of Elite Physical Therapy and Wellness emphasize wellness and the prevention of disease aspects of patient care because this is what further enhances the quality of life. Most people who are experiencing a problem during their active day to day lives soon realize that chronic pain continues to prevent them from performing these accomplishments at optimal levels. These are the patients who choose to pursue physical therapy. We consider Physical Therapy as a form of rehabilitative health. Craig Brechler PT is known for using forms of exercise and special equipment innately designed to help suffering clients regain optimal strength and improve their physical capabilities.

In the same manner, Elite Physical Therapy and Wellness strives to maximize the efficiency of rehabilitation, helping you return to work sooner and allowing you to push your physical abilities farther than you ever thought possible. We provide all of this, while still being one the most cost effective health care treatments available to you.To do all this we create an open, honest and caring environment where our staff and patients can work together to overcome obstacles and achieve the highest levels of both physical function and fulfillment in all aspects of life.

If you are looking to transform your life and significantly improve your health and well-being, it’s time to visit Elite Physical Therapy and Wellness to find out firsthand how we can help you. Come see for yourself how Craig Brechler PT will use the most advanced healing techniques available to produce results that enrich the lives of each and every patient.